The Checkup: One Really Good Reason to Shower at Night Instead of in the Morning

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• If you are one of the many sleep-deprived people on the planet (you’re far from alone), you might want to try skipping the morning shower session and taking a warm shower at night instead. Why? Before we go to sleep, our body temperature cools, but most of us don’t actually make it to bed during this process so our body ends up cooling too much, and this out-of-whack temp disrupts our sleep. A warm shower helps to prolong the pre-sleep cooling process, leading to better shut-eye. [Huffington Post]

• How far are you willing to go for glowing skin? What about putting snail slime on your face? As gross as it sounds, skin treatments involving snail mucus — which apparently contains skin-aiding compounds— are becoming more mainstream. [New York Magazine]

• This researcher has disproved the myth that 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat and he developed a bodyweight planner that will calculate the changes you need to make for more realistic weight loss. [Runner’s World]

• The Smart Gastronomy Lab at the University of Liège in Belgium is using 3-D printing to make appetizing foods more nutritious and nutritious foods more appetizing. So far they’ve used the technology to infuse healthy but eyebrow-raising ingredients like algae and insects into chocolate to boost its protein content. Hey, you don’t need to work that hard to convince me to eat more chocolate. [NPR]

• Your veggie-eating inspiration for the day: 20 celebs who proudly adhere to a plant-based diet.  [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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