The Checkup: Calorie-Burning Cardio Workouts for the Non-Runner

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• Anyone invested in their overall fitness knows that cardio is a crucial element of any exercise regimen. I happen to be a fan of running, but not all of us are. And even if you are a die-hard runner, sometimes these ninety-degree July days just aren’t ideal for pounding it out under the sun. Looking to get your heart rate up without going for a jog? These nine circuits are short, efficient, cardio-packed calorie burners. [BuzzFeed]

Resistance training is important, but without proper form you might as well forget about it. These trainers give tips about what to visualize during certain moves — like a door opening when when you’re doing a weighted row — to ensure your form is in tip-top shape. [Q by Equinox]

• Since kale’s become all the rage, it seems like it’s in everything. But if your tummy isn’t happy after eating kale, you aren’t alone. Here’s what you can do to avoid kale’s not-so-nice side effects and still enjoy the superfood’s health benefits. [Men’s Health]

• There are so many fitness trackers out there to hold us accountable for healthy habits, but what holds us accountable better than a workout buddy? Now there’s an app, deemed the Tinder for runners, that will match you to like-minded lonesome exercisers in your area and keep track of your workout stats. [SHAPE]

• “You have to get dirty before you get clean” is the motto of this new skincare line that uses coffee grounds as an exfoliator. So, why would coffee be good for your good ol’ epidermis? It’s actually full of antioxidants, and caffeine stimulates blood flow to your skin. But what’s really making people go crazy over the stuff are the Instagram photos of models covered in coffee “dirt.” [Well + Good]

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