Be Well Workout of the Week: Major Muscle Meltdown



This week’s workout consists of pairs of exercises working specific muscle groups. The end result: a total-body muscle meltdown that’ll leave you shaking like a leaf.

Here’s how it works: Each set of exercises works two major muscle groups — Chest and Quads, Core and Back, and etc. — which you’ll attack from different angles with various exercises. Within each set, you’ll notice three exercise pairs. The first exercise works one muscle group and the second exercise works the other. This set-up allows you to switch off between muscle groups for built-in mini-recovery periods.

You’ll do each exercise for one minute, completing as many reps as you can while maintaining good form. So for Set 1, you’ll do one minute of push-ups, then one minute of squats, followed by one minute of rotating push-ups, and one minute of plié squats, and so on. Try not to take more than a few seconds break between each exercise. Repeat each set from the top at least two times (three, if you’re feeling extra ambitious) before moving on to the next set. Take a one-minute break between sets.

At the verrrrry end of the workout, you’ll see I snuck in a bonus set of sprints. Trust me: You’ll be itching for some shake-out cardio at the end of this workout, so take advantage of some good old fashioned sprint intervals, increasing your speed as you go.

Good luck, Be Wellers. You can do it!

Be Well Workout of the Week: Total-Body Muscle Meltdown

Set 1: Chest and Quads
Push-ups — Squats
Rotating push-ups — Plié squats
Chest flies — Squat jumps

Set 2: Core and Back
Plank — Rows
Rocking plank — Wide rows
Rotating plank — Reverse fly

Set 3: Hamstrings and Triceps
Dead lift — Dips
Hip lifts on physioball — Tricep extensions
Hamstring curls on physioball — Tricep pull-over

Set 4: Shoulders and Glutes
Overhead press — Front lunges
Front raise — Lateral lunges
Lateral raise — Reverse lunges

Bonus Set: Sprints
1 minute sprint — 1 minute rest
*Repeat three times; increase speed for each sprint.

For explanations and video tutorials for each exercise, head over to Page 2.