The Checkup: 25 No-Brainer Tips to Save Hundreds of Calories a Day



• Try out a few of these swaps, like serving yourself dinner in the kitchen instead of family style at the table, to seriously slash calories. [Health]

• If you didn’t already love fall (Who are you??), here are a few reasons to jump on the bandwagon: Seven ways fall makes you healthier. [Prevention]

• The holiday season is headed our way, and for many of us that means lots of traveling. Luckily, these nine resistance band exercises make squeezing in a workout easy as pie no matter where you are—because you’ve got to work off all that pumpkin pie somehow. [Well + Good]

• If you think butter is the key to making everything better, you’re not necessarily wrong (I mean, butter is delicious), but you’d be better off trying some of these six healthy flavor enhancers, which boost flavor without all the fat and calories. [Women’s Health]

• Very important question: Is birch water the new coconut water? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. [Huffington Post]

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