Your New Favorite Fall Meal: 14 Ways to Stuff a Sweet Potato

Sweet potato lead
In June, we gave you guys a roundup of stuffed avocado recipes, and we figured it was about time for a fall-friendly edition, so here it is: 14 healthy, creative and totally delicious ways to stuff a sweet potato. Sweet potatoes blow regular ol’ russet potatoes out of the water when it comes to nutrition: they’re vitamin-packed, rich in fiber, and they help to regulate blood sugar—meaning, no post-dinner midnight cookie cravings. They make for a filling lunch or a dinner, and they’re super simple to make. Just throw ‘em in the oven, bake for about 45 minutes, and voila: you’ve got yourself dinner.

Now, I dare you to try and cook your way through every stuffed sweet potato here before spring arrives. Who’s up for the challenge?

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