The Checkup: 10 Delicious Pumpkin Beers You Have to Try



• Welp, you got me: Pumpkin beer is not healthy. But after a few days of chowing down on healthy 10-minute meals and working your butt off at the gym, you totally deserve a treat. [Men’s Health]

• The key to being a good CEO? Being a runner, a new study says. Seriously! [Outside Online]

• One woman got rid of her always-bloated belly, bad skin and constant congestion just by ditching dairy. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• 33 images of skin cancer that could save your life. Warning: They are not pretty. [Weather]

• If you tried running one time back in your freshman year of college, but quit because it was the worst, I totally understand. But it might be time to try your hand—or foot, I should say—at it again. Here, a few tips to help even the biggest running haters of all enjoy a jog. [Huffington Post]

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