The Checkup: 3 Ways to Make Your Workouts Much More Effective

workout man


• Stop wasting your time on workouts that don’t pay off as much as they should. These three tweaks to your routine will turbocharge your burn like WHOA. [Women’s Health]

• Are you bananas for bananas? (Sorry, I couldn’t not.) They’re apparently really, really good for you. [Health]

• Here’s one expert who’s stepping up to the plate to defend the chemicals in a pumpkin spice latte. The argument is actually pretty interesting. [TIME]

• Have you seen the new Under Armour ad with Gisele Bundchen? Holy awesome. [Fitbie]

• Apple is getting into the iWatch biz (real name), and it looks like they’re cooking up some features for health-and-fitness fanatics. [New York Times]

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