The Checkup: The Killer Kettlebell Move You Have to Try



• If you have yet to jump on the kettlebell bandwagon, now’s the time. This killer move, appropriately named the Death Crawl, is the ultimate pushup-row-plank-crawl hybrid you never knew existed. Your abs can thank us later. [Men’s Health]

• Breaking news, guys: Zucchini pesto is a thing and it looks so good. [POPSUGAR Food]

• Thanks to this genius trick, living in a teeny tiny apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of having huge herb garden. Seriously! [Women’s Health]

• Aha! This is the secret to holding your plank for longer, says a new study. [Science of Us]

Jimmy Fallon went on a juice cleanse and the results were hilarious, of course. [Huffington Post]

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