The Checkup: Get Toned Fast With This 30-Day Push-up Challenge



• Remember the squat challenge we tackled in February? Here’s your fitness objective for May: This arm-and-core-toning push-up challenge that’ll have you doing 50 reps in a row (!!) by the end. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Another reason exercise is good for you: It keeps your skin looking young and healthy. [New York Times]

• When your bike ride is more form of transportation than workout (i.e. like when I bike-commute to work every single day), sometimes you need to look cute while doing it. Here’s how to look adorbs on your bike. [Green Philly Blog]

• I so needed this for my run yesterday: the best running gear that comes with built-in storage. [Runner’s World]

• Has anyone ever thought to ask kids what they think about school lunches? This teacher did. [Huffington Post]

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