The Checkup: 10 Rules for Smart Snacking

Lissandra Melo /

Lissandra Melo /

• The 3 p.m. hunger slump is the absolute worst, am I right? Tackle it head on with this: the 10 Commandments of Snacking. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• In which someone tries all of Beyoncé’s diets (all. of. them.) and loses 10 pounds in 10 days. [New York Magazine]

• You should dare yourself to do something new every day, just like Lu Ann Cahn. [Philadelphia Magazine]

• Give yourself two weeks (that’s not even Thanksgiving!) and you could have ripped six-pack abs. Here’s how. [Fitness Magazine]

• Aw, maaaaan: why your multivitamin might not be doing a lick of good (and how it may be hurting you!). [Outside Magazine]