The Checkup: 10 Major Yoga Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Mat Time

Stefano Tinti /

Stefano Tinti /

• Planning to have some mat time today? Read through these 10 common yoga mistakes—holding your breath for too long, eating too close to class—to avoid an epic yoga fail. [Fitbie]

• Speaking of yoga, you should learn how to speak yoga. Get that? [Well+Good NYC]

• CrossFitters, rejoice! A small new study backed by American Council on Exercise found that CrossFit workouts really are super effective. [Huffington Post]

• Super useful: how to make your own pumpkin puree in eight easy steps. [Greatist]

• Blerg! Mixing alcohol and Tylenol is a really, really bad idea, according to a new study. It ups your risk of kidney disease by 123 (!!) percent. [HealthDay]