Flywheel’s New Facebook Feature Shows Which Friends Are Coming to Your Spin Class

Social booking makes meeting your pals for a ride even easier.

Flywheel’s gone social, folks. The already-super-high-tech Spinning studio, which features fancy bikes that give you lots of data read-outs and a TorqBoard that shows you how you stack up to other riders in your class, just debuted a new online-registration feature that allows you to see which of your Facebook friends are signed up for your upcoming classes. The so-called “social-booking” feature basically takes the whole making-workout-plans-with-your-friends-over-email stuff out of the equation.

From Well & Good NYC:

When you book a Flywheel bike, you can also elect to connect to Facebook.  If your Facebook friends are in your class and they’ve opted in, too, their profile pictures will pop up in the circles that correspond with their bikes, explains Flywheel CEO Jay Galluzzo. Both sides have to opt in to see each other.

So yes, it takes some coordination up front, but at least this way you don’t have to tell your friend to book the fifth bike from the left in the third tier, if she wants to sit next to you. Now, she’ll be able to see exactly which bike you’ve reserved. The new online system works at both the Center City and Bryn Mawr Flywheel locations.