#Latergram: 20 Best Instagram Photos from the Broad Street Run

Your view from Broad Street.

Sure, our photographer snapped some amazing shots of the Broad Street Run on Sunday. But guess what? So did you. Here are my favorite Instagram photos from the 2013 Broad Street Run.

1. Instagram user @bsmith_215 apparently dribbled a basketball the entire 10 miles. Anyone see him?

2. I totally missed this sign (note to self: remember to look up more), so I’m happy @skelly810 was able to snap it.

3. Probably the best motivation to get to the Navy Yard, am I right? Thanks for snapping it, @ptracy78.

4. Awesome crowd shot, courtesy of @carlgmana.

5. My train to the starting line was empty—I got a seat for the first time ever! This one? Not so much. Photo snapped by @madonyc.

6. This is the best kind of water stop, I think. Photo by @cfickrun.

7. Awesome. By @nannnnncccccccy.

8. I love this. We profiled a blind triathlete last year, and I loved that, too. Good snap, @cfickrun.

9. LOL. Thanks, @jona5583219.

10. Halfway there! Photo by @blockard165.