Promo Code: Phillies Offer Half-Price Tickets for Broad Streeters

The Phils are showing their support for the runners in Sunday's race. Here's how.

Photo by M. Kennedy for GPTMC

How do half-price tickets to a Phillies game sound? The Phils announced via Twitter today that they’re running a special half-price deal for Broad Streeters as a show of support for Sunday’s big race. You don’t technically have to be running the race to participate; all you need is the promo code—which I’m giving you below.

All you have to do is go here, click the green “T” icon next to the games, and enter the code BSR in the field marked “password.” (Weird? Yes. But it works.) The catch is that the promo only applies to tickets that cost $38 or less, but that still gives you plenty of options, including some field-level seats along the left and right field outfields.

And note that while the website says the deal is buy-one-get-one free, you don’t have to purchase two tickets to score the discount. I tested it out and added just one $38 ticket to my cart, and it gave it to me for $16. Woo!

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