Pfizer Recalling 1 Million Birth Control Packs

A packaging error could raise the risk of accidental pregnancy.

Attention, ladies: If you use Lo/Ovral-28 tablets or generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets, your birth control pills might be subject to a recall.

Drug manufacturer Pfizer Inc. announced a recall of 1 million birth control packs today, after discovering a packaging error that caused some packs to be filled with too many active pills and some with too few. As every girl who’s ever been on The Pill knows, birth control packs come with three weeks of “active” hormone pills and a week of placebos. Mess with the balance and your hormones can go seriously out of whack—and possibly result in a squirmy little surprise nine months later.

The good news is, the packages affected aren’t among the top birth control varieties on the market, so hopefully fewer people will be impacted. The prescriptions subject to the recall bear expiration dates ranging between July 31, 2013, and March 31, 2014. They were manufactured by Pfizer but marketed in the U.S. by Akrimax Rx Products. If you have a questionable pack, you can return it to the pharmacy. A complete list of recalled lot numbers, along with pictures of the birth control packs, can be found here.