Claire Sasko

Staff Writer

I-95 Traffic
City Life

I-95 Congestion: Huge Accident Northbound, DNC Traffic Southbound

Here’s why it’s taking forever to get anywhere this morning.

City Life

2016 DNC, Day 1: What to Expect

The convention starts today with the theme of “United Together.”

City Life

It’s Going to be Really, Really Hot in Philly This Weekend

There’s an excessive heat watch — and a “heat dome” headed our way.

Chris Christie
City Life

Cruz Campaign Manager: Christie “Turned Over His Testicles”

Christie called Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump “selfish.”

City Life

Growing Industrial Hemp is Now Legal in Pennsylvania

But not for everyone.

City Life

Six Arrested After Sit-in at DNC Host Committee Offices

Protestors from Reclaim Philadelphia demanded to see a list of convention donors.

Pokemon Go
City Life

Firefighters Rescue N.J. Woman Who Scaled Tree While Hunting Pokemon

Sometimes you just can’t catch ’em all.

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Hyundai Rotem Blames SEPTA Troubles on Improper Welding

Officials at Hyundai Rotem said a Pa. company was responsible for the welding.

Pennsylvania Turnpike
City Life

Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Increase By Six Percent Next Year

This is the ninth consecutive year that toll prices have increased.

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You Could Now Go to Prison For Feeding Seagulls in Ocean City

The mayor is cracking down on those who feed the “emboldened” birds.

City Life

This App Will Keep You In The Know During the DNC

The app will offer a 360-degree livestream of the convention, among other features.

City Life

Man Lost After Camp Bisco Found Alive, Waist-Deep in Swamp

The 20-year-old got himself in a bit of a sticky situation.

City Life

Report: Christie “Misspoke” About Trump Donating To Hurricane Sandy Relief

Either Christie was wrong, or Trump never followed through on his promise.

WiFi on Wheels

Comcast Rolls Out “WiFi on Wheels” for the DNC

They’re essentially trucks carrying hotspots on top of 40-foot tall masts.

City Life

Get Ready: There’s a 51-Foot Joint Coming to the DNC

Marijuana activists will march the joint from City Hall to the Wells Fargo Center.