Pa. Turnpike Tolls To Increase By Six Percent Next Year

This is the ninth consecutive year that toll prices have increased. The change affects both E-ZPass and cash customers.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has approved a six percent toll increase for next year.

The Pa. turnpike toll increase affects both E-ZPass users and those who pay with cash, though E-ZPass users will continue to receive a discount. The change will go into effect on Jan. 8th.

The toll will increase from $1.16 to $1.23 for those with E-ZPass driving Class-1 passenger vehicles (the most common). For most cash-paying customers, the toll will increase from $1.80 to $1.95.

For those driving Class-5 vehicles, like tractor-trailers, the toll will increase from $9.59 to $10.17 for those with E-ZPass and from $13.60 to $14.45 for cash customers.

Toll rates will not increase next year on the Turnpike’s Delaware River Bridge.

This is the ninth consecutive year that toll prices have increased, according to PennLive.

“While we will continue to mitigate toll increases through boosted efficiencies, we have no option but to increase tolls annually moving ahead,” Turnpike CEO Mark Compton said in a press release.

Compton said the PTC expects Pa. turnpike tolls to increase by up to six percent until 2044.

The PTC will rely on the toll increases to fund its 10-year, $5.77 billion spending plan, which includes the reconstruction and widening of the 550-mile Turnpike system.

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