Claire Sasko

Staff Writer

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Yes, Chris Christie Will Speak at the RNC

He’ll speak Tuesday to the theme of “Make America Work Again.”

City Life

Meet the Pennsylvania Resident Blamed for the Coup in Turkey

And here’s what he has to say about those accusations.

DNC Travel
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PennDOT Launches Website for DNC Travel

The website updates motorists as traffic, road closures and other travel issues unfold.


Philly Bars Can Stay Open Much, Much Later Than Usual During the DNC — but There’s a Catch

City Life

Philly Bars Can Stay Open Much, Much Later During the DNC

But here’s the catch.

City Life

Ben Franklin Bridge Will Glow Blue for Police Killed in Dallas

Expect to see the bridge illuminated through Sunday.

Cherry Hill Mall T-Shirt Controversy
City Life

Man Selling Anti-Police Brutality Shirts at Mall Told to Stop Temporarily

Mall management revoked the order last night after word of the controversy spread.

Pennsylvania Budget
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Wolf to Sign Revenue Bills With Tax Increases

Cigarettes will cost $1 more per pack, and you’ll have to pay sales tax on downloads.

Blue Lives Matter Bill
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A Pa. Rep. Just Introduced a “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

The bill calls for police to be covered in the state’s hate crime statute.

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City to Host Immigration Forum During the DNC

Kenney will join the mayors of New York and Phoenix for the discussion.

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Judge Unveils Controversial Depositions in Penn State Scandal

The university paid $93 million to alleged victims, one of whom claims Joe Paterno first knew of abuse in 1976.

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Poll: Trump Now Ahead of Clinton in Pennsylvania

You might not like what you see.

Airport workers
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Airport Workers Vote to Strike During the Democratic National Convention

More than 400 employees voted yesterday to walk off their jobs later this month.

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Scranton Woman Featured in Viral Black Lives Matter Protest Photo

Ieshia Evans, 28, made for the subject of a potentially iconic image.

City Life

Controversial Abortion Bill Passes Senate Committee

There was only one woman on the voting committee.