Man Temporarily Asked to Stop Selling Anti-Police Brutality Shirts at Cherry Hill Mall

Mall management revoked the order last night after word of the controversy spread.

A man selling anti-police brutality T-shirts at the Cherry Hill Mall was temporarily asked by mall representatives Tuesday to refrain from selling the shirts.

Amir Miller sold the shirt, which reads “THIS HAS TO STOP!” and displays silhouettes of two officers beating a cowering a man. Miller operates a mall kiosk and clothing line called “Teary Eyez.”

Yesterday evening, mall officials revoked their request for Miller to stop selling the shirts. 

“We made a hasty request,” the mall said in a statement, according to the Courier Post.

Miller, who designed the $25 T-shirt, posted a video to Facebook after a mall representative called the shirt “offensive” and asked him to remove it, he said.

The video has drawn more than 99,000 views and more than 1,600 comments.

Miller says in the video that the official who told him to take down the shirt was “very rude.”

“If you say this has to stop, and you got a problem with that stopping, chances are you are the problem at the end of the day,” Miller says in the video. “There’s nothing negative about it. Police brutality has to stop.”

Miller told NBC10 that the shirt was not directed at all police officers, but was instead meant to reference incidents of unjust police violence. The shirt was produced shortly after Miller was made aware of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two black men killed by police last week.

According to NBC10, Miller has removed his merchandise from the mall and plans to resume his business out of the Philadelphia Mills Mall.

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