A Pennsylvania Representative Just Introduced a “Blue Lives Matter” Bill

Representative Frank Burns wants to make "law enforcement officer" a category covered in the state's hate crime statute.

Blue Lives Matter Bill

Courtesy of Representative Frank Burns

Pennsylvania Representative Frank Burns, a Cambria County Democrat, has introduced a “Blue Lives Matter” bill that would prompt crimes committed against law enforcement and corrections officers to be considered hate crimes.

That means his bill would add the category of “law enforcement officer” alongside the state’s currently covered categories of race, color, religion and national origin.

“Law enforcement personnel have been singled out for attacks across the country, just because they wear the uniform, most recently in Dallas where five police officers tragically lost their lives,” Burns said in a statement.

If the bill were to pass, Pennsylvania would become the second state in the country to protect police officers in its hate crime statue, according to the Washington Post. Louisiana passed a similar bill in May.

The bill comes on the heels a tense week of protests and pivotal dialogue on racism in the nation following two controversial shootings of black men by police and the aforementioned Dallas shooting, during which snipers shot and killed five police officers, interrupting what was a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest.

“Law enforcement officers risk their lives daily so the people of this Commonwealth can enjoy peace and security,” Burns said in a statement. “They deserve the highest level of protection from targeted acts of violence the law can provide.”

You can read the bill here.

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