Swing State Poll: Trump Now Ahead of Clinton in Pennsylvania

You might not like what you see.

Donald Trump. Photo | Michael Conroy, AP. Hillary Clinton. Photo | Andrew Harnik, AP

Donald Trump. Photo | Michael Conroy, AP. Hillary Clinton. Photo | Andrew Harnik, AP

Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania in a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

The Swing State Poll provided an update on data released last month that gauged support for the presidential candidates among participants in Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio. When third party candidates are not considered, Trump leads the poll in both Pennsylvania in Florida, while the candidates remain tied in Ohio.

Poll participants have lost a bit of faith in Clinton since June 21st, when the poll found her and Trump neck-and-neck in Pennsylvania.

Trump has now received support from 43 percent of poll participants in Pennsylvania, while Clinton has secured 41 percent. With third party candidates considered, Trump scored support from 40 percent of poll participants, while Clinton received 34 percent.

Since the June 21st poll, Clinton has fallen in terms of having “higher moral standards” in the eyes of poll participants. Most participants see Trump as “more honest and trustworthy.”

Clinton leads 43-39 percent among Pennsylvania women who participated in the poll, down from 50-34 percent in June. White participants sided with the Republican by 51-33 percent, while “non-white” participants sided Democrat by 72-12 percent.

Both candidates won the vast majority of state support from poll participants belonging to their political parties. Independent participants supported Trump by 39-36 percent.

Most Pennsylvania participants think Trump would be better at creating jobs, while Clinton would respond better in an international crisis.

According to the poll, no presidential candidate since 1960 has won the election without securing at least two of the three swing states addressed. The poll surveyed 982 Pennsylvania residents via live interviews conducted through landlines and cellphones.

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