Comcast Rolls Out “WiFi on Wheels” for DNC

They're essentially trucks carrying hotspots on top of 40-foot tall masts.

Comcast’s “WiFi on Wheels” will hit the streets next week to keep people plugged in during the Democratic National Convention.

The WoW vans are essentially mobile amenity hotspots that each hold six Ericsson Wi-Fi access points, which can project internet speeds five times faster than cellular phones, according to the company. Connection is available to those within a 500-foot range of a van.

Wifi is free and accessible to the public as part of an effort to keep people connected during shows, festivals and other events. Up to 3,000 people near the vans can access the Wifi, to, you know, “share a group selfie in two seconds, or upload video of a 20-minute concert in under a minute,” according to a press release.

The trucks first came to Philly last month for the Wizard World Comic Con. Look out for the Ford T-350 vans and their 40-foot tall masts later this week.

The DNC will run July 25-28th.

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