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These Easy Energy-Saving Habits Will Improve Your Philly Home’s Energy Usage

Beyond sweat and discomfort, this summer’s heat waves brought Philadelphians a big concern: rising temperatures have driven up energy costs for homes across Philly.  And for Philadelphians who aren’t careful about, and conscious of, their electric usage, summer air conditioning costs are just the beginning. In Philly, electric rates rose to their peak last winter, and have continued climbing annually.  Whether you’re motivated by climate or budgetary concerns, saving energy in your home will benefit you doubly. Here is a simple, easy guide to saving big on energy and its costs in Philly.

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5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Have a happy and healthy holiday season by following a few simple home protection pointers.

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Powering Future Scientists: How PECO And The Franklin Institute Are Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

There are some experiences that qualify as a right of passage for kids in the Philadelphia area. Ask any elementary-schooler about their trip to The […]

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Brandywine River Art Museum Provides ‘Sensory-Friendly’ Weekend Events For Children With Autism

Getting kids to enjoy a quiet stroll through an art museum isn’t always the easiest feat. And for families with children who are on the […]

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Get Automatic Updates From PECO During Power Outages

Power outages can be caused by a number of different things – trees, automobiles contacting a pole, even animals. The uncertainty of not knowing how […]

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How to Find Out Your Power Is Out Before You Get Home From Work

After finishing a trying day at the office, the best reward is settling into the couch, turning on the television and tuning in to your […]

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It’s Your Call: Get Updates from PECO Via Text, Email or Phone

We live in an age of high-tech conveniences. Chief among them? Notification functions. From calendar reminders to shipping updates, those quick messages keep our lives […]

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Now Is Better Than Later: Receive Usage Alerts From PECO Before You Get Your Bill

We’ve all been there: leaving a light or the TV on all night, lowering the thermostat temperature post-jog and leaving it there. We hardly think […]

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