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Get Automatic Updates From PECO During Power Outages

Photo credit: iStock/Ridofranz

Photo credit: iStock/Ridofranz

Power outages can be caused by a number of different things – trees, automobiles contacting a pole, even animals. The uncertainty of not knowing how long you’ll be without power (or how many people around you are affected) only adds to the inconvenience. That’s why PECO has launched outage alerts to keep customers out of the dark – literally. 

PECO customers can subscribe to these alerts, which will dispatch text messages, emails or calls with updates on weather conditions that are potentially impacting PECO service in your area, along with estimated restoration times and other important outage information.

Customers will receive a maximum of seven PECO outage alert messages in a day detailing the progress of repairs and keeping them connected to the process.

Updates from PECO don’t have to stop once power is restored. To keep tabs on when a monthly bill is ready or when a payment is due, customers can select to receive email or text alerts. Especially helpful to manage bill expectations, PECO can issue an alert when they notice that a customer’s usage is trending higher than normal.

To sign up for alerts, you must first be a registered PECO customer with an online account, username and password. To create an account, use the account number on your monthly bill and create your online profile. After logging in, click ‘My Account’ at the top left of the new PECO website navigation, then select ‘My Reports & Alerts’ under the ‘My Profile’ tab. Once there, you can customize alerts for outage, payment, billing, usage and news via the communication option of your choice – text, email or phone, depending on the type of alert.

For more information about signing up for PECO Alerts, click here.