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It’s Your Call: Get Updates from PECO Via Text, Email or Phone

Photo credit: Csondy/iStock

Photo credit: Csondy/iStock

We live in an age of high-tech conveniences. Chief among them? Notification functions. From calendar reminders to shipping updates, those quick messages keep our lives running smoothly and efficiently. It’s no wonder, then, that PECO rolled out a handy new alert function available via text, email or phone that allows customers to stay looped in on energy usage, power outages, payments and more. Here, we break down the best ways to utilize its features. 

Outage Alerts // Ever arrive home from work, or roll up to open shop for the day, to discover your power’s out? Never deal with it again. PECO Alerts will not only notify you if there is an outage affecting your home or business, but will also provide an estimated restoration time. That way, you can make alternative plans while it’s being fixed.

Usage // Remedy higher energy bills due to not so great energy usage habits by opting for high-usage alerts. You’ll receive a heads up the next time your energy use is pacing above normal, allowing you time to adjust it before the payment cycle ends.

Payment Reminders // Never miss a bill again. With PECO Alerts, you can receive a message 1-7 days (you choose!) before your bill is due, giving you enough time to pay in advance. You also can also receive an alert when your monthly bill is ready to be viewed online, negating the need for paper bills.

News // Stay keyed into all of PECO’s important updates by signing up for general news alerts. These won’t be related to your account, but will include information such as discounts and community events. Psst: they don’t send more than three messages per month.

How to sign up: First you’ll need to be a PECO customer with an online account/profile. If you don’t have an online account, it’s easy to create one with your PECO account number and a few pieces of personal information. Then, visit PECO Alerts, enroll in ‘My Reports & Alerts’ and check off the appropriate boxes for the alerts you want to receive along with your preferred method (text, email or phone call).

For more information about PECO Alerts, click here.