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Now Is Better Than Later: Receive Usage Alerts From PECO Before You Get Your Bill

Photo credit: iStock/DragonImages

Photo credit: iStock/DragonImages

We’ve all been there: leaving a light or the TV on all night, lowering the thermostat temperature post-jog and leaving it there. We hardly think of these small decisions throughout the day (and it’s likely our fellow housemates don’t either!). The problem, however, is that, over the course of the month, these habits add up and they can mean bad news for your energy bill. Yikes. 

Because customers often don’t know they’re using more energy than usual until after they receive their monthly bills, PECO has introduced convenient alerts, which give customers a heads up when they’re using more energy than usual (bank accounts, rejoice!). Provided via text or email, the high energy usage alert will let you know when your usage is above and beyond what is typical during an average month in your home. From there, you can take the appropriate measures to cut back on those super-long showers or turn your air conditioning up a few degrees.

To sign up for alerts, first you’ll need to be a PECO customer and have an online account with a username and password. If you do not know your account number to create an online profile, it can be found on your monthly bill. Once you are logged in, simply click on the ‘My Reports & Alerts’ link under the My Profile tab. Here you can easily switch on alerts for usage, outages, billing, payment and more. In just a few minutes you can sign up to receive alerts from PECO the way you want them – anytime, anywhere!

For more information about signing up for PECO Alerts, click here.