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How to Find Out Your Power Is Out Before You Get Home From Work

Photo credit: iStock/Geber86

Photo credit: iStock/Geber86

After finishing a trying day at the office, the best reward is settling into the couch, turning on the television and tuning in to your favorite prestige drama. The only way to derail this welcomed respite? The power is out. Unfortunately, you often won’t know the power is out until you enter your front door, leading to sheer disappointment. 

Thankfully, PECO has developed PECO Alerts. Now, PECO customers can know ahead of time about power outages in their area and can make plans accordingly. The alerts, which can come via text, email or phone, are dispatched once PECO is aware that the power is out. .

PECO customers who subscribe to the program receive estimated restoration times and other important outage information. Customers will receive a maximum of seven PECO outage alert messages in a day.

While outages are the biggest need for most of us, outage information is not the only type of helpful update that you can receive by signing up for alerts from PECO. The best part is that you can select which types of alerts you want to receive and how. Whether you’re interested in being emailed when you are trending high on monthly usage in your residence, or would like to receive reminder texts about billing or payment, you can sign up for the alerts that are right for you

To sign up for PECO alerts, you must first be a registered PECO customer with an online account, username and password. In order to create an account, use the account number on your monthly bill and set up your online profile. To access the alerts customization page, click ‘My Account’ at the top left of the new PECO website navigation, then select ‘My Reports & Alerts’ under the ‘My Profile’ tab.

For more information about signing up for PECO Alerts, click here.