OPINION: Why Rich Negrin Should Be Our Next DA

Rich Negrin

Richard Negrin | Photo courtesy of Mark Nevins

Next Tuesday our city will have the chance to vote for a new district attorney amid a federal investigation that’s put a dark cloud over the office. With eight candidates running (seven from the Democratic Party), voter turnout might increase in comparison to previous low-turnout cycles. I predict, however, that voter turnout will still not exceed 20 percent because this is not a national election cycle. Further, I predict that three regions will dominate the turnout: Center City, the suburban Northwest, and the working-class Northeast. Given those factors, a thorough process of elimination will leave you with only one candidate able to secure enough votes to come out on top: former city managing director Richard Negrin.

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Seth Williams’s Home Goes on the Market for $450K

7012 Woodbine Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 | TREND images via Realty Mark Associates

7012 Woodbine Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 19151 | TREND images via Realty Mark Associates

You may recall that the attorney for embattled Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams asked to fire his client because he was worried he wouldn’t get paid.

You can help ease that lawyer’s fears by buying Williams’s lovely home in Greenhill Farms, which went on the market on April 25th.

The agent fudged the location a little, figuring (probably accurately) that more people would be interested in an Overbrook Farms home than one in the neighborhood directly to the west. But this handsome rustic Colonial built in 1947 can be had for less than it would cost you to buy into Overbrook Farms, and it has many of the features that make homes in that neighborhood so desirable, plus a few extras. Read more »

Wolf: Why Hasn’t Williams Resigned by Now?

L: | R:

L: Tom Wolf | R: Seth Williams (AP Photos/Matt Rourke)

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf once again called on indicted Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to resign today.

The state Supreme Court moved to suspend Williams’s law license yesterday, more than three weeks after federal authorities charged him with 23 corruption-related counts, including wire fraud, extortion, the use of interstate facilities to promote bribery and honest services fraud. Williams gave up his own law license late last month.  Read more »

Just Who Is This Lawyer That Seth Williams Can’t Afford?

(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Seth Williams is having some problems. Oh, not just that pesky little arrest and all those federal charges. He’s also having lawyer issues. Williams enlisted the assistance of in-demand Center City attorney Michael Diamondstein, but now Diamondstein is begging off the case, citing ethical issues as well as the fact that Williams can’t afford to pay up. A judge has given Williams until this Friday to sort it all out, and in the meantime, we got to wondering, who the heck is Michael Diamondstein? Read more »

Michael Weiss, Two Others Resign From Mazzoni Center Board

Michael Weiss | Image via Mazzoni Center's website

Michael Weiss | Image via Mazzoni Center’s website

A week after it was revealed that Gayborhood bar owner and Democratic committeeman Michael Weiss was named — as “Business Owner #2” — in the 23-count federal indictment of District Attorney Seth Williams on corruption-related charges, Gayborhood nonprofit Mazzoni Center has confirmed to G Philly that he is no longer on the organization’s board.

A Mazzoni spokesperson sent the following statement: Read more »

OPINION: Philly’s Tolerance for Corruption Is Why Seth Williams Hasn’t Resigned

Seth Williams at a February 10, 2017, press conference. Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

Seth Williams at a February 10, 2017, press conference. Photo by Matt Rourke/AP

The Philly reaction to political scandals usually rolls out like this:

1) Word of an investigation sparks chatter. Nobody really cares.

2) An indictment sparks concern. Some folks begin to actually care.

3) A conviction sparks outcry. Folks are absolutely done with the politician. Read more »

Jim Kenney Owes Seth Williams an Apology

Seth Williams (Matt Rourke/AP) and Jim Kenney (Jeff Fusco).

Seth Williams (Matt Rourke/AP) and Jim Kenney (Jeff Fusco).

Back in 2015, Alex Capasso — then the chef and a partner at The Crow and Pitcher, a little restaurant off Rittenhouse Square — was arrested and charged with one count of distribution of child pornography by the U.S. District Attorney. That’s some pretty bad stuff, right? His friends and co-workers were “shocked and disgusted.” His partners threw him out of the business, with a representative saying publicly that it would “be a blessing to the innocent partners and staff if his infamy did not take them all down in flames.” The restaurant changed its name and, at the time of this writing, Capasso sits in federal custody awaiting trial. The evidence against him looks pretty solid and, if guilty, he deserves, of course, to spend a long time in jail.

But here’s the thing: Capasso is not guilty. So far, he’s been accused of a crime. He hasn’t had his day in court. He has his side of the story to tell. Still, the guy’s life has been ruined. Which brings me to Seth Williams … and Jim Kenney. Read more »

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