Cities Are Killing Rats With Data

It was the spring of 2013 and rats were on the rise in Philly. A particularly mild winter, coming on the heels of another mild winter the year prior, […]


Google’s Next Big Project? “Urban Problems”

The next big thing at Google is, drumroll … cities! In case you missed it, there’s a new Google-backed company called Sidewalk Labs that’s describing […]


The Cul-de-Sac Is Dying

The cul-de-sac, the defining design feature of suburban America, is falling out of favor. A new study by two researchers from McGill University and the University […]


2,500 Youth Summer Jobs Announced

What will the city do about the 46,000 teens and young adults who are not enrolled in school and not working? Well, today, on the first day of […]


Billionaire Thinks Class War Is Near

Workers want higher wages. Management claims they’re a bad idea. It sounds like the intro to a problem set from Econ 101, and it’s also the dilemma that’s been playing out in cities across […]


107,000 Teens and Young Adults With Nothing to Do

Nearly 20 percent of Philadelphians aged 16-24 are neither enrolled in school or working. That’s about 46,000 teens and young adults with not a lot […]


One Way to Reduce Center City Traffic: Ban Private Cars

Dublin has one-third the population of Philly and is tucked within one-third of the square mileage. It’s comparably dense, but many times more congested. In the annual congestion rankings of […]


Still Bowling Alone

Increasingly, Americans are connecting in isolation. It may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a truism of the 21st century. I’m not just talking about […]


How the On-Demand Economy Could Bring New Vitality to Kingsessing (and a Bunch of Other Philadelphia Neighborhoods)

When you think about Instacart or Postmates or even Uber, chances are the next thing on your mind isn’t urban planning. Just gimme my Shackburger, jeez! But there’s growing […]


High Line Lessons for Reading Viaduct Park

For anyone living under a rock for the past six or seven years, there’s something called the High Line in New York City. It’s “among […]


Philadelphia Has Added 50,000 College Grads — But How Many Grew Up Here?

Between 2007, when Mayor Nutter took office, and 2013, the ratio of Philadelphians with at least a bachelor’s degree grew by 17 percent. There are […]


Are Urban Progressives Hypocrites?

You know the phrase today’s liberal is tomorrow’s conservative? Well, there’s an opinion piece in the right-leaning City Journal which turns that age-old adage on its head. Essentially, the piece is […]


Can SEPTA Plausibly Offer an Uber-like Bus Service?

The prospect of on-demand mass transit — basically the Uber model, but with buses or vans — has been the subject of plenty of speculation […]


Why Are Philadelphia’s Streets So Filthy?

Every snowy week this past winter, my block in Bella Vista resembled the site of a garbage strike. Lumpy piles of trash built up day […]


Why Philadelphians Are Head Over Heels In Love With Their Buses

Earlier this month, statistics came out showing just how much bus ridership in New York City has plummeted there since the Great Recession. Frankly, it’s shocking. There were 162,000 […]