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Malcolm Burnley


Can SEPTA Plausibly Offer an Uber-like Bus Service?

The microtransit skeptics come out.

City Life

Why Are Philly’s Streets So Filthy?

When, exactly, did the garbage win?


Why Philadelphians Are Head Over Heels In Love With Their Buses

Ridership is dropping in cities across America. But not here.


How Car Sharing Can Lower Rent Costs

When developers build new parking spots, the costs are passed down to tenants.


Philly’s Most Walkable Areas Are Also Its Whitest

What’s behind the race gap?


The Media Is Vastly Underestimating SEPTA’s Constituency

In the fight for better transit, numbers matter.


The Mayoral Election’s Other Big Winner? Doug Oliver.

He finished fourth — this time.


Need Help With the Judicial Elections?

Join the club. We’ve assembled what little information is available about the candidates.


New Level of Crazy in Ori Feibush vs. Kenyatta Johnson

Feibush staged a fake debate, then cried foul when Johnson didn’t show.


Move Over Millennials — In Philly, Boomers Are Booming

The 55-and over set is actually growing at a faster rate than young adults.


Want Your Kids to Grow Up Rich? Move to Bucks

New study shows big differences in future earnings for poor kids, depending on where they grow up.


Does Closing Schools Boost Test Scores?

A new study says the answer is yes.


The Open Data Movement Still Mostly Matters Just to Geeks

New poll shows many Americans are dubious about the prospect of open data improving government.


Unhappy With the Mayoral Options? Next Time, Make a Pledge for Someone Better

Political site Crowdpac offering new tool to recruit reluctant candidates. It’s like Kickstarter for politicians.


Idea: Redevelop Distressed Neighborhoods With Venture Capital and 401(k)s

An intriguing redevelopment alternative to subsidies,