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Malcolm Burnley


New NYC Service to Offer Access to Pristine Bathrooms … for $25 a Month

Is anyone bothered by this?


How the Big Blue Bin Has Made Recycling Awfully Expensive

The city used to turn a profit off recyclables. Not anymore.


A Simple Tool To Save Bicyclists’ Lives

How to make trucks less lethal to bicyclists, and move one step closer to achieving Vision Zero.


Cities Are Killing Rats With Data

Should Philly Moneyball its pests to death?


Google’s Next Big Project? “Urban Problems”

New Google subsidiary called Sidewalk Labs aims to improve city life by leveraging tech. Free wifi in NYC is the first project.


The Cul-de-Sac Is Dying

Over the last 20-years, America has stopped building as many roads to nowhere, and that’s a strong sign that sprawl is in retreat.

City Life

2,500 Youth Summer Jobs Announced

Philly nets $4.4 million to boost goal of creating 10,000 youth jobs


Billionaire Thinks Class War Is Near

Philly should raise its minimum wage … or else, warns Nick Hanauer.


107,000 Teens and Young Adults With Nothing to Do

What could go wrong?


One Way to Reduce Center City Traffic — Ban Private Cars

Dublin is giving it a go. Philadelphia’s big experiment, the Chestnut Street Transitway, failed.


Still Bowling Alone

Only one in three Americans trust each other. Can great public spaces bring them closer together?


How the On-Demand Economy Can Bring New Vitality to Kingsessing

(And a bunch of other Philadelphia neighborhoods.)


High Line Lessons for Reading Viaduct Park

Be careful with the zoning, and be sure to fund maintenance.


Philadelphia Has Added 50,000 College Grads

But how many grew up here?


Are Urban Progressives Hypocrites?

Conservative critic says big city liberals want government out of their lives — and into everyone else’s.