NEW MUSIC: Emily Zeitlyn, “Rope”

The Arc Divers frontwoman does a tiny desk concert; the band plays a full-size concert on Saturday.


I started Googling lyrics almost immediately after hitting play, assuming this was some classic ’60s folk song I didn’t know. Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell, maybe. But no, it’s just a new original by Emily Zeitlyn, singer and guitarist currently of the Arc Divers and formerly of The Weeds. Holding Bodies, the debut record by the Arc Divers (formerly just Divers), was one of my favorite records of last year — a soulful, pretty, forceful rock record with strong guitars and vocals.

This Saturday, the Arc Divers are playing Bourbon & Branch. Also on the bill is All the Quick Hooks of Light, a side project of one-time Weeds bassist and Philly music fixture Devin Greenwood.

Watch the video/hear the song below:

Arc Divers play Saturday, February 6, with All the Quick Hooks of Light and Heart Harbor, Bourbon & Branch, 705 N. Second Street.