Five Things You Need to Hear Today

Need is a strong word. So is FOMO. So.

Honey Radar plays Johnny Brenda's tonight.

Honey Radar plays Johnny Brenda’s tonight.

1. Honey Radar, “Giraffe Pharmacy”
A little lo-fi garage, with echoes and clangs. This is the sound of the drafty window and the crack between the door and the jamb. Honey Radar is from Atlanta and playing Johnny Brenda’s tonight. And then they will be snowed in for a long time. So they’re a Philly band now, basically. Welcome.

2. J. Cole featuring Amber Coffman, “She Knows”
Coffman, best known for playing in the Dirty Projectors, came forward this week about being abused by a creep publicist, the first of several women to do so. Their efforts led to the guy admitting his issues (well, mostly) and stepping down. It was, if not justice, then a step in the right direction and the scene is better for it. Now let’s listen to this trippy, jazz sorta rap song she did backing vocals on a couple years ago.

3. Michael McDermott, “20160101”
There’s ambient and then there’s Michael McDermott, whose likes to record the secret music of everyday places. This one, he says, was “recorded early on New Years Day on a porch in Manayunk, Philadelphia, with my dog Frida.” The instruments, if you want to call them that, are: “windchimes, wind, cars and winter.”

4. Octagrape, “Too Fly”
Just a little loud, hyper lo-fi rock from San Diego. If you like Times New Viking, No Age or making two cell phones call each other and then singing into them, this song’s for you.

5. Funk the News, “Making a Murderer (The Cliff’s Notes Song)”
I plan to post one new awful Making a Murderer rap song every week until Steven Avery is announced as Donald Trump’s running mate (or commits a crime on video).