WATCH: Video Captures Colorful Philly Sunset From Camden’s Waterfront

Camden. Our New Jersey neighbor may rarely cross our minds, but a new video from filmographer Cory J. Popp gives us just the reason to make the trek across the Delaware — namely the stunning view of our skyline. Popp took a bike ride across the Ben Franklin Bridge one night to capture the sun setting over Philadelphia. The result is a perfectly clear view of the lights and hustle and bustle of our city from afar.

“This was actually my first time on Camden’s Waterfront,” says Popp in a description on his website. “Somehow I had gone years without knowing it existed, and I know I’m not alone, after all, it is a pretty long trek.” Check out the video above. Maybe it’ll be just the incentive you need to make the trip before winter makes a stroll along the waterfront unbearable.

The video comes weeks after Liberty Property Trust announced its plans to turn a 16-acre swath of land along the waterfront into a vibrant live/work/play destination. (More on that on Property.)

Also, snag some tickets to this year’s ThinkFest, where Popp will sit on a panel that explores “Philly’s digital storytellers” and their impact.

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