What to Expect at New Center City Music Venues U-Bahn and Franky Bradley’s

Our pithy but useful take.

With the local music scene on a decidedly upward trajectory, it’s a good thing Center City just welcomed two new music venues. Here’s what to expect when you go.

This 2,985-square-foot club in the basement of BRÜ debuted in March. It’s all about small local rock bands and singer-songwriters here, with two to three live shows per week and DJs filling in the gaps. If the band sucks—hey, it happens—check out the arcade. Yes, there’s Ms. Pac-Man. 1320 Chestnut Street, Midtown Village, 215-800-1079.

Franky Bradley’s
Formerly lesbian bar Sisters, this new restaurant and club boasts a 300-person second-floor venue with pristine sound, an accommodating staff and an eclectic lineup of performances, from a 12-piece brass band to a burlesque show to a rock act. And with two bars in the room, you never have to wait (too long) for a drink. 1320 Chancellor Street, Midtown Village, 215-735-0735.

This article originally appeared in the Ticket section of the April issue of Philadelphia magazine.