What’s Worth Seeing in November: Usher, Bob Dylan, Jerry Seinfeld, the PMA Craft Show and More

Corrina Burns | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou

Corrina Burns | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence
November 5-23
Off-Broad Street Theater
Time and time again, we’ve heard that there’s a dearth of roles for actresses of a certain age. “But I think that might be changing,” says Corinna Burns, the female lead in Azuka Theatre’s The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence, a 2014 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Last season, the 42-year-old Swarthmore grad was cast in just one show. This season? “I have five shows,” she says, including Revolution Shakespeare’s just-wrapped Macbeth and a Fringe play that won accolades from the New York Times. “I feel very lucky. It’s an embarrassment of riches.”

The Glass Menagerie
November 1-23
Act II Playhouse
Featuring Philadelphia theater mainstay Amanda Schoonover, who caused quite the stir a few months back when her 40th-birthday boudoir photos went viral.

Josh Carpenter in Arden Theatre's "Great Expectations."

Josh Carpenter in Arden Theatre’s “Great Expectations.”

Great Expectations
November 1st to December 14th
Arden Theatre
Matt Decker directs Dickens.

First Person Arts Festival
November 4-15
Various locations
The 13th annual celebration of memoir and documentary art.

Philadelphia Orchestra
November 6-8
Kimmel Center
With this special “All Organ” weekend, you’ll hear the symphony accompany the Kimmel’s majestic pipes.

The PMA Craft Show
November 6-9
Philadelphia Museum of Art
One of the biggest PMA fund-raising events—and a great place to do some gift-buying.

"Dream House" starts November 6th at Plays & Players.

“Dream House” starts November 6th at Plays & Players.

Dream House
November 6-23
Plays & Players Theatre
The second in a new theatrical series directed at the YA set and their parents.

So You Think You Can Dance?
November 7th
Merriam Theater
With some of the top performers from one of the few reality shows that actually feature talented people.

“William Glackens”
November 8th to February 2nd
Barnes Foundation
When Albert Barnes built his famed collection, he enlisted the help of his friend, artist William Glackens. Now, Glackens gets his own retrospective.

November 11th
Wells Fargo Center
Don’t hold Justin Bieber— who was discovered by Usher—against him.

"Togetherish" at Crane Arts.

“Togetherish” at Crane Arts.

November 12-14
Crane Arts
Performance art from choreographer Meg Foley.

November 13th
The Little Shul
The quartet performs John Zorn’s Psychomagia in Philadelphia’s last still-operating pre-WWI rowhouse synagogue. Presented by Ars Nova Workshop.

The Matter of Frank Schaefer
November 14th to December 6th
Calvary Center for Culture and Community
Curio Theatre Company stages its world premiere about the priest who was defrocked for officiating his gay son’s wedding.

Rachael Yamagata
November 15th
Union Transfer
Because there’s no way you’re going to score tickets for her utterly sold-out November 14th appearance at Boot & Saddle.

Stevie Wonder at Wells Fargo Center November 16th: a no-brainer.

Stevie Wonder at Wells Fargo Center November 16th: a no-brainer.

Stevie Wonder
November 16th
Wells Fargo Center
You’ll be sad if you don’t.

November 19-23
Wilma Theater
New (and new-ish) pieces by Matthew Neenan, Jorma Elo and Olivier Wever.

Bob Dylan
November 21-23
Academy of Music
See him while you can.

MythBusters: Behind the Myths
November 22nd
Merriam Theater
The guys bring their geeky hit TV show to life onstage.

Tony Bennett
November 28th
The Borgata
An American classic.

Jerry Seinfeld
November 29th
The Borgata
Can you believe it’s been 16 years since his show went into reruns?

Carrot Top will be at the Golden Nugget on November 7th, but we wouldn't do that if we were you.

Carrot Top will be at the Golden Nugget on November 7th, but we wouldn’t do that if we were you.

November 30th
Tower Theatre
One word: Earplugs.


Carrot Top
November 7th
Golden Nugget
There once was a boy with red hair
Who was teased, gibed and mocked to despair.
But then he aged out
And started to spout
The worst jokes e’er heard around ’ere.

Originally published in the November 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine.