Local Architect Publishes Adorable Children’s eBook Series

Winthrop Little, star of Wayne, New Jersey's Jeffrey Martin's children's eBook series, "The Memoirs of Winthrop Little."

Winthrop Little, star of Wayne, Pennsylvania’s Jeffrey Martin’s children’s eBook series, “The Memoirs of Winthrop Little.”

The Memoirs of Winthrop Little is an interactive children’ book series app dreamt up by Wayne resident and architect Jeffrey Martin.

The story is written by an adorable teddy bear named Winthrop Little, and it just so happens to serve as a valuable learning tool for tots. It teaches young readers common life values (sharing, kindness, teamwork) while showing them a good time with a slew of interactive features, like moving photos, sidebars with additional facts about Winthrop’s life and personality and more.

“I love to read and I noticed over the past several years how the whole demeanor of books has changed,” Martin says. “I thought, ‘gee, if the future of books is going to be electronic, we’re really missing out on something.’”

An interactive book author by night, Martin is also an entrepreneur and the owner of architecture firm JTA Associates. He says Winthrop’s adventures are “just another creative outlet” that, surprisingly, has a few things in common with his more-serious day job. It’s all about creating a feeling, he says. “I work to create places where people can go and feel happy and feel good. And with Winthrop Little, it’s all about creating feelings.”

Martin had more local help putting together the app, including illustrator Donald Wu, who he says was instrumental in bringing Winthrop’s “can-do” attitutde to life. He also had help from editor Sarah MacMilla, and Cherry Hill’s Maria Mavromatis, who did the design and development for all the interactive features of the book.

So far, all signs are pointing to this venture being a success. Parents are chiming in with positive feedback, saying their kids are getting a kick out of this little teddy bear’s story and that they want more. They’re in luck. Martin says he is already planning the next installment of the series. Stay tuned.

The Memoirs of Winthrop Little can be downloaded on your iPad via iTunes for $2.99. To purchase the app. Click here.

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