Hiway Theater Reconstructed for Tonight’s Episode of The Goldbergs

If you’re a fan of ABC’s The Goldbergs you’ve no doubt caught wind of the tons of Philadelphia references that make each episode, thanks to the show’s creator, Jenkintown native Adam Goldberg. Tonight he’s excited to air “”A Wrestler Named Goldberg,” an episode he’s been aching to do since the show began.

“I wanted to do an episode based on one of my most vivid memories as a kid: going to see the Return of the Jedi and waiting in this tremendously long line with my brother at the Hiway Theater,” he says. “From the moment I sold the show, the Return of the Jedi episode was one I knew I was going to do.” So he gave set designers photos of the Hiway Theater, and they turned a building on Los Angeles’s Sony sound stages into the landmark Philly movie house circa 1980-something.

The episode concerns young protagonist Adam (Sean Giambrone), who is determined to not only see the first screening of Return of the Jedi, but he wants the best seat in the house. So he stands in line for days with his sister, Erica (Hayley Orrantia), who doesn’t have any interest in the film. She eventually walks away, and, alas, poor Adam loses his place in line.

This is one of a handful of episodes remaining during this first season of The Goldbergs, but Goldberg tells me he’s optimistic the show will live on to a second season. “It’s not official yet, but it’s looking beyond positive. I’ve already hired directors, writers for the second season, so I will say it’s happening.”

Catch tonight’s (Tuesday, May 6th) episode, when it airs at 9 p.m. on ABC.