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Bradley Cooper Just Spotted!

Philadelphia was turned into Manhattan once again as the Dark Fields movie filmed a scene with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper at 16th & Market streets today. If you were in the crowd at that intersection you saw that 16th Street was turned into 48th Street.

And Market Street was Lexington Avenue. If you were at the real 48th & Lexington in NYC you’d see a coffee shop, a parking garage, a construction site and the InterContinental Hotel.

A crowd gathered but the production people didn’t seem to mind as long as no one took flash photography. And as for me, one glimpse of my press pass and they let me take as many pictures as I wanted. I just wish I had my long lens with me.

This would have been a great shot had I had my longer lens, but I still like it. Not sure if De Niro and Cooper were smiling at me … or the girl who had the orgasmic yell after seeing them.

Director Neil Burger, with the gray hair on left, approaches Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper to discuss the scene.

Before Bradley Cooper moves on to Paradigm Restaurant & Bar in Old City he was on his phone. Maybe he was texting Renee Zellweger to assure her he’s not going to enjoy his next scene with Anna Friel?
About 30 minutes ago, I received a text from a fan that said Robert De Niro was back at his trailer, on the west side of City Hall. He was talking to fans, signing autographs—all with his shirt off. Thanks for all your tips! Feel free to contact me at