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Photo Roundup: Philly Through the Fog

The snow and bitter cold have been replaced by… Fog! Here’s a glimpse of what we could actually see this morning.

Things to Do

This is What People Dislike About Facebook

In honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary tomorrow, Pew Research just released an interesting study revealing how people use the social-media monster. Here are some fun […]

City Life

Janus Through the Eyes of 17 Philadelphia Instagrammers (and One Tweeter)

As we told you yesterday and this morning, Philadelphians love documenting the snow. Here’s but a sampling of the social awesomeness going on today: Submit your own […]

City Life

Michael Vick Is Selling a Car on Instagram

Deposed Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick has 299,116 followers on Instagram. About an hour ago, he sent them this incredible offer.

City Life

TONIGHT: State Reps. Brian Sims and Mike Schlossberg to Host Twitter Town Hall on LGBT Equality

Tonight Pennsylvania State Representatives Mike Schlossberg (D-Lehigh) and Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) will host a “Twitter Town Hall,” live from the state Capitol. The social-media event […]

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Top 10 Philadelphia Tweets of 2013

It’s end-of-year time, and you know what that means: Lists! Okay, most things on the Internet are in list form now, but December is still […]

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Twitter Fight! About that Epic Tom Ferrick-Helen Gym Dust-Up

I feel your pain, Tom Ferrick. I once got caught up in the emotions of the moment when Philebrity slammed a post by Greg Meckstroth on […]

City Life

The Best and Worst Tweets from the Live Sound of Music

NBC executives must be kicking themselves for not airing the live three-hour Sound of Music special during the all-important November ratings book. The ratings are […]

City Life

No, the Cops Aren’t Banning Protesters From Facebook

It should come as no surprise that police departments monitor social media. After all, as a speaker revealed during a panel at last week’s International […]

Slash costume
City Life

13 Awesome Philly Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Here are some of Philly’s best costumes on Instagram and Twitter. Who’d we miss?

City Life

6 Non-Racist Tweets About the First Asian-American Miss America

I didn’t watch the Miss America pageant Sunday, but boy oh boy did I hear about it. New York’s Nina Davuluri became the first Indian […]

City Life

The Curse of LinkedIn

Before I get started on this: I like social media. I enthusiastically “like” Facebook updates every day. I try to make my tweets a pleasant, […]

City Life

The 14 Types of Instagrammers

First things first: I am guilty of nearly every one of these. If you go through my Instagram feed, you will mostly find: shows (cinematic […]

City Life

Is Philadelphia a City of Unhappy Tweeters?

Philadelphians: We can be pretty depressing in just 140 characters. According to a new study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Michigan State […]

City Life

Now My Relationship With Facebook Is Complicated

For as long I’ve been on Facebook — since 2007, it turns out — I’ve had the same two words appended to what Facebook calls […]