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A Day With HIV

Positively Aware would like people to submit portraits for A Day With HIV, a photo project to bring awareness to HIV and AIDS around the world.

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Facing Homophobia – on Facebook

Facing homophobia on Facebook: Is it ever okay to delete someone who’s anti-gay?

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Esurance Supports Trevor Project

Esurance starts Facebook fundraising and awareness campaign for Trevor Project’s NTL.

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The Politics of the “F” Word

Someone posed a question on Facebook today about whether it’s ever okay to use the word “faggot.” Before you can even answer the question, you […]

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And the Verdict is Guilty

The name Tyler Clementi has become synonymous with teen suicide in this country ever since the Rutgers student plunged to his death on Sept. 22nd […]

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Local Gay News Coverage Creates Controversy

Please note that any statements quoted from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter appear below verbatim. No changes have been made to incorrect usage […]