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OPINION: Does Fighting Hate Crimes With Hate Speech Really Help?

Yes, I’m pleased that the three alleged gay-bashing suspects were finally arrested last week (although they are now out on bail). What they are accused […]

City Life

Brigitte Daniel’s Got a Plan to Get Young Women of Color Into Technology

Like the Trayvon Martin story before it, what happened in Ferguson two weeks ago has had a continued news presence in part because of social […]

City Life

10 Ferguson Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Since the death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown last Saturday, residents of Ferguson, Missouri, have taken to the streets to protest. Long before major media […]

City Life

Ice Bucket Challenge: Stupidest Idea Ever

I wish I could have been in the room when someone came up with the utterly stupid idea for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, wherein […]

City Life

10 Commenter Tropes That Should Get You Banned From the Internet

If it were up to me, we’d just call it a failed experiment, like New Coke or Lindsay Lohan’s music career. We tried it. It […]

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Delaware Lawyer Launches Dumbest Hunger Strike in History of Mankind

Remember Brian Zulberti? No? We didn’t think so. To refresh your memory, Brian Zulberti is the Delaware lawyer who attained his fifteen seconds (more like […]

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#YesAllWomen Is the Equivalent of Having a Peace Sign Bumper Sticker

On Friday, Elliot Rodger murdered six people in Santa Barbara. We know — from documents and videos — that Rodger, who took his own life, […]


The Instagram Account You Need to Follow Now: Fashion’s Coolest Dog

Today’s hilariously fun fashion tip: Follow this Instagram account right now. Go on, don’t ask questions. Just do it. Done? Okay, here’s the backstory: Willie is […]

City Life

Keith Olbermann Won’t Stop Trolling Flyers Fans

To be clear, Keith Olbermann fired first. No, he wasn’t fired (although who would be surprised) — he took a shot at Philadelphia Flyers fans […]

Be Well Philly

Twitter Could Kill Your Relationship, Study Says

I’ve often marveled at how tone-deaf my friends’ tweets can seem—something about the limitations of those 140 characters, perhaps? Too much striving to be witty […]

City Life

My Crowdsourced Life

It was, you have to admit, a pretty smart publicity grab. Back in January, Mark Zuckerberg snapped a picture, posted it online, and posed a […]

City Life

Exposed: Philly’s Big Banana Peel Problem

“When I’m walking with friends, they tell me it’s a little awkward for them,” says Frank Danay. “They’re the ones standing next to the guy […]

Beauty shots of the Ben Franklin Bridge from Morgan's Pier, with or without a clutched can of craft beer (usually Hell or High Watermelon) in the corner to taunt your friends who are still at work.
City Life

The Philly Instagram Hall of Fame: The 15 Shots Everybody takes

Philadelphia, like most cities populated by smartphone users with a little too much time to kill, boasts a thriving Instagram community, and its members are not […]

City Life

Philadelphian Takes Selfies to Prove Local Residency to IRS

There’s a story at Mashable by Brian Koerber today with a fun tale about Andrew Jarvis. Jarvis is an architect at EwingCole who splits his […]

City Life

The Ultimate Philadelphia Klout Ranking

Klout, Inc. was founded in San Francisco in 2009. It measures online influence by using data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, WordPress and a bunch […]