Keith Olbermann Won’t Stop Trolling Flyers Fans

We got into a #twitterfight with the professional loudmouth last night.

To be clear, Keith Olbermann fired first.

No, he wasn’t fired (although who would be surprised) — he took a shot at Philadelphia Flyers fans by calling them illiterate.

One day later he was back at it on Twitter, taking another cheap shot at us after we shared the story:

My first response was purely emotional.

But with some independent research provided by a social media observing friend, we found that Philly Mag has much higher percentage reach in relation to its audience size than does Olbermann.

A high estimate of Philly population to @PhillyMag Twitter followers yields: 51,000/6,000,000 = 0.85%.

A low estimate of US population to @KeithOlbermann Twitter followers is: 494,000/350,000,000 = 0.14%.

His viewership numbers were even worse.

But perhaps the best argument against Olbermann’s measuring contest is this:

The Flyers-Rangers playoff series begins tonight so we couldn’t let it go without some further appeals to some of Philly’s finest:

And of course, one appeal to our favorite SEPTA Transit Police Chief:

Who would be happy to oblige:

Delco Pride may have summed the whole thing up best:

Game one of the playoff series is tonight at 7 p.m. at Madison Square Garden. Make sure you “Show Ya Luv” to Olbermann.

Because he’s still going:

Jack Cotter is Philadelphia magazine’s social media marketing manager.