The 14 Types of Instagrammers

Which one(s) are you?

First things first: I am guilty of nearly every one of these. If you go through my Instagram feed, you will mostly find: shows (cinematic and theatrical) I’m seeing, things I’m drinking, what my dog is doing and scary stuffed animals/toys I find on the street. You will also find that I’m overly fond of the filters Sierra, Rise and Earlybird. So which are you?

1. The Mundane Documentarian

2. The Person Who’s Trying to Win Instagram
This picture of a beautiful sunset, a smiling baby or dog poop is the greatest, most important photo of all time (well, in the last 15 minutes). But in order for the world to see it — and admire its perfect #nofilter-ness — it requires 453 hashtags, like: #love #instagood #cute #follow #photooftheday #like #tbt #followme #picoftheday #beautiful #tagsforlikes #instadaily #happy #igers #instamood #bestoftheday #instalike #all_shots #swag #webstagram #iphoneonly #like4like #l4l #instago #tweegram #amazing #statigram

3. The Over Tagger

4. The Collager
Why include one picture, when you can squeeze in 17 smaller pictures? It’s economical.

5. The Art Director
Whether or not it’s their job, you know they spent well over 45 minutes styling the picture, finding the perfect crop and applying the not-trying-too-hard filter. But don’t those glittered leaves look fabulous?

6. The Depressed

7. The Selfish Liker
He is irritated that no one liked the pic he posted 3 minutes ago of a large man driving a Smart car. He hasn’t liked anyone else’s photo in 3 months.

8. The Person Who Might Have a Problem

9. The Parent
Nothing will ever be cuter than what my baby/toddler/child is doing right at this moment.

10. The Pet Parent
Nothing will ever be cuter than what my dog/cat/iguana is doing right at this moment.

11. The Over Filterer

12. The Artsy Videographer
The video: a static, 7-second shot of a puddle of oil and water on the street. The recorded sounds: a nearby air conditioner and you’re friend saying, “dude, hold on… I’m taking a video.” The meaning: life.

13. The Gastronomic Diarist

14. The Serial Selfie
“Damn, I look good. Again.” #ducklips