Michael Vick Is Selling a Car on Instagram

The backup Eagles QB wants $33,000 for a Chevrolet Impala LTZ.

Deposed Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick has 299,116 followers on Instagram. About an hour ago, he sent them this incredible offer.

Yes, that’s right, Vick is now apparently a car salesman. The LTZ is the 2014 Chevrolet Impala‘s high-end model, though I can’t tell if the car is the 1LTZ or the 2LTZ. The car has 4,000 miles on it already and costs $33,000. Perhaps you can haggle. One person in the comments has offered $2; perhaps you can outbid him.

Don’t think this infers any sort of money issue for Vick. It appears that he’s advertising the car for Med Transit Auto Sales in Portsmouth, Va. Plus, you think Vick rolls around in an Impala? Pro football players can afford to go a little nicer.

Maybe he’s not lost his endorsement mojo after all.