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Silver Linings Playbook

City Life

Delco Diner That Starred In “Silver Linings Playbook” Temporarily Closes

A beloved Delaware County diner featured prominently in the locally-shot 2012 flick Silver Linings Playbook has closed temporarily after a grease fire caused an estimated […]

Lansdowne Theater
City Life

PHOTOS: New Life for Iconic Lansdowne Theater?

Every Saturday was a great day in Lansdowne, Delaware County, in the late 1960’s. My mom would make Philadelphia Cream Cheese and jelly sandwiches, cut […]

City Life

“Silver Linings” Author Matthew Quick Gets Another Movie Deal

Matthew Quick is notable for two things here at Philly Mag HQ. One, he wrote the book The Silver Linings Playbook. Which turned into a movie […]

City Life

Tom Corbett Thwarts Bradley Cooper Effort to Shoot Movie in Philly

This ought to help his popularity issues. Gov. Corbett has rejected an in-person request from hometown hero Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell for […]

City Life

Well Look Here, Jennifer Lawrence Appears to Be Smoking a Joint

Nooooooo. Philly’s own adopted girl-next-door from the diner-next-door has been revealed as the loose-living miscreant she portrayed in Silver Linings Playbook. Perez Hilton has a […]

City Life

Watch: Jack Nicholson Hits on Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars

I’ve posted two Jennifer Lawrence videos today, a fact about which I’m a little ashamed. But this last one–I promise–is the best. What begins as […]

City Life

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Trips and Falls (Ever So Gracefully) Before Receiving Oscar

Congratulations to Philly’s adopted daughter Jennifer Lawrence, for winning a Best Actress award for her role in Silver Linings Playbook. Now here is the requisite […]

City Life

Temple Prof with “Silver Linings” Role Kissed by Bradley Cooper. Sort of.

On the cheek, on the cheek. Settle down everyone. Temple professor and prominent Philly theater actress Cheryl Williams, in case you weren’t aware, played Jennifer […]