Temple Prof with “Silver Linings” Role Kissed by Bradley Cooper. Sort of.

On the cheek, on the cheek. Settle down everyone. Temple professor and prominent Philly theater actress Cheryl Williams, in case you weren’t aware, played Jennifer Lawrence’s mother in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She sat down with the Temple News recently and revealed what we always suspected. Bradley Cooper is a total, unabashed, sweetiepie. “I chatted with Bradley Cooper and he’s a total gentleman. He’d always ask how your day was and give you a kiss on the cheek. He would always thank everyone after filming a scene, too.”

She also tells a heartwarming little story about landing the role while she was teaching a class:

One day — the only time in the history of teaching — my phone went off during class. I’m very strict about students keeping their phones off while we’re acting. Everyone was so shocked. I told them it was my agent, and they made me answer the call. She told me I had the role and I was so surprised I had to sit down. All of my students kept asking, “What is it?” So I told them I would be playing Jennifer Lawrence’s mom in a movie and not to get too excited because it wasn’t a big part. Then they all started screaming.

[Temple News]