“Silver Linings” Author Matthew Quick Gets Another Movie Deal

Matthew Quick is notable for two things here at Philly Mag HQ. One, he wrote the book The Silver Linings Playbook. Which turned into a movie you have heard of. Two, he kicked off his writing career with a column for the LaSalle Collegian under current Philly Mag news editor Brian Howard, who was also his junior year roommate. (They lived in E-12 at the St. Miguel Complex during the 1994-1995 academic year.) Now, he’s got another opportunity to remind we meek journalists of the riches we have forsaken by trafficking in the realm of fact: Sony Pictures has just bought the rights to make a movie out of his not-yet-published novel Love May Fail (Harper Collins, 2015).

“Love May Fail” follows Portia Kane, who after escaping her posh life and cheating husband, finds herself transported back to her childhood home where she sets out to reunite with a beloved high school English teacher who retired after a horrific event in the classroom.

This is the fourth book–not including Silver Linings–he’s optioned. For more on Quick, read Brian’s interview with him at the height of Oscar madness. [The Wrap]