Tom Corbett Thwarts Bradley Cooper Effort to Shoot Movie in Philly

This ought to help his popularity issues. Gov. Corbett has rejected an in-person request from hometown hero Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell for tax credits to shoot a film based on the Abscam scandal that rocked Philly (and the country) in 1980. (Corbett–listen to this, voters–didn’t even meet with the pair, though they schlepped to Harrisburg to plead their case.) Though the movie would be set in Philly (council members were involved in the scandal, in which the F.B.I. created a fake sheikh to fake-bribe elected officials), Corbett said there wasn’t any money left in the budget to do it. The pair will shoot in Massachusetts instead. (Whose own tax credits helped Mitt Romney prop up his friend Big Bird back when he was governor.) []