Market Report: We Are Obsessed With J. Crew’s Latest Shoe Collection

Weeeee! The J. Crew/Sophia Webster shoe collaboration is here and it’s amaaaazing. I want every. Single. Pair. [J. Crew] Cosabella has released a line of […]


My Quest to Find Toe Liposuction in Philly

Just when I think we’ve reached the end of everything we could possibly do to our bodies—dimple implants, cankle lipo, abdominal etching—The New York Times came out […]


The Edit: 8 Flat Sandals to Wear This Spring

Confession: I’m in full-on sandal mode, Shoppists. But the truth is, I’ve only been donning my flat-healed varieties. Too many months of snow boots and […]


Market Report: Would You Wear Any of These 40 Crazy Fashion Shoes?

To wake you up this morning, here’s a look at the 40 craziest, WTF things we’ve done to classic shoes. Warning: There are knee-high basketball […]


Philly’s Most Underrated Shoe Store: Head Start Shoes

As a shopping editor, it’s imperative that I keep my stuff organized. The retail scene in Philly is always changing, and I need to stay […]


Bus Stop Boutique Wins “Best Boutique in the Country”

It’s always fun to see national press discover the homegrown gems we’ve loved all along. Sometimes they get it right (Allure recently called out Fishtown salon […]


Market Report: How To Fake A Nose Job With Makeup (Really!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Shoppists! Let’s kick things off today with this handy guide to faking a nose job. It’s called contouring, and it can work wonders. […]

City Life

Shoeless Delaware Student Competes on Jeopardy

Notice anything special in the photo above? That’s right: In the green dress and Delaware sweatshirt is College Jeopardy! contestant Sarah Stevens, and she’s not […]

10 Best Mules For Spring

The Edit: Why You’ll Be Wearing Mule Shoes This Spring

Never in footwear history has there been a shoe more controversial than the mule. It’s been maligned  by many for the clomp-clomp sound it makes […]


Market Report: 60 Shoes You Need To See For Spring 2014

Metallic oxfords! Mesh pumps! Slip-on sneaks! Raffia sandals! Gilded wedges! Spring 2014’s shoes are pure eye-candy heaven, and the best antidote to this dreary Tuesday morning. […]


Covet: You Won’t Believe What Shoe Is Making A Comeback

Newsflash: In case you haven’t been glued to your street-style blogs and fashion mags, Birkenstocks have made a comeback among the style set (even Vogue […]


Market Report: The 50 Craziest, Most Painful Shoes Ever Made

Happy Friday, Shoppists! Let’s kick things off with a slideshow of the fugliest, most painful-looking shoes ever, shall we? [The Cut] It’s going to be cold out […]


Winter PSA: How To Remove Salt Stains From Your Boots

Winter weather (we’re looking at you, Hercules) has a way of wreaking havoc on public transportation, sucking the moisture from our skin, and—perhaps the worst […]

The Edit: Loafers

The Edit: Loafer Love

Though I’m a near-constant wearer of high heels, I’ve come to embrace the beauty of the flat. It makes walking around Philly so much easier […]

Shoe Clips

We’re Having a Love Affair With Shoe Clips Right Now

I guess I always found shoe clips a bit, well, dated (for some reason, 18th-century doll shoes come to mind). Then I saw these Lulu […]